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Cottonwood Heights Arts Council Annual Christmas Concert To Feature Local Musician Peter Breinholt

Dec 07, 2015 02:34PM ● By Brian Jones

By Brian Jones

Cottonwood-Holliday - This year’s community Christmas concert is only the third such annual event organized by the Cottonwood Heights Arts Council. Judging by the quality of the show the council is putting on, however, one might reasonably conclude the council has been doing this sort of thing for many years. 

The 2015 Cottonwood Heights Christmas Concert, to be held at Butler Middle School on Dec. 12 at 7:30 p.m., will feature local musician Peter Breinholt and pianist David Tolk. 

The Arts Council was ecstatic with how last year’s concert turned out, and according to Becky Henriksen, the council’s chairperson, all indications are that this year’s show will be an even bigger success.

“Last year we had 450 or 500 people in attendance. If we get even that many this year we’ll be thrilled, but we think there will likely be many more. We’re hoping to double last year’s attendance, and I think there’s a real chance of that,” Henriksen said. 

One reason for such optimism is the exposure of the concert in the community. The profile and interest in the event have grown each of the past three years. The main reason the council feels so optimistic about this year’s turnout, though, is the talent they’re putting on stage. 

Henriksen feels like getting Breinholt for this concert is somewhat of a coup, and is a rare opportunity for local residents to see an amazing talent at a great bargain. As evidence of this, Henriksen points out that he will be performing later in the month at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center downtown for nearly double the price of a ticket to the Cottonwood Heights Christmas concert.     

Breinholt, who was born and raised in Pennsylvania and now resides in Holladay with his wife and four children, rose to fame as a local musician while a student at the University of Utah, and has steadily gained a significant following around the country and within the state ever since. The council is not only pleased that this year’s concert is featuring such a well-known musician, but is particularly excited that he’s a local. 

This year’s concert actually will not be Breinholt’s first appearance locally, as he performed at last year’s Christmas concert, sharing the stage with the Cottonwood Heights Arts Council Orchestra. This year, although Breinholt will be joined onstage by a new Cottonwood Heights Women’s Choir, Henriksen expects he will get the lion’s share of the performance time.

“Our women’s choir is relatively new, but we think they’re really great,” Henriksen said. “And Peter Breinholt is just an amazing draw. We’re so excited to have him again.”  

While the music is the focus of the show, the annual concert is ultimately about bringing local residents together for something special, which makes Breinholt a perfect fit for the event. Henriksen sees Breinholt as not only a great musician, but someone who genuinely cares about his community.  Last year, in addition to performing at the Christmas concert, he participated in a community outreach event for local children.

“It was an amazing experience. He went into local schools to talk to the kids about his profession and following their dreams,” Henriksen said. “It gave residents a real sense of connectedness to him as an artist and a member of the community, and it made people even more excited about his appearance at the concert.” 

Despite the council’s expectation of a great turnout, Henriksen hopes residents will continue to spread the word about the concert and encourage friends and family to come support the performers and the community. “We work hard to provide high quality family events,” she said, “and we hope everyone will come out and enjoy a really great evening.” 

Tickets to the concert can be purchased in advance for $8 on the Cottonwood Heights City website or for $10 at the door.