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Newly Elected Council Members Speak on Hopes for Riverton’s Future

Dec 07, 2015 10:55AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Briana Kelley

South Valley -The election results are in for Riverton City’s three council districts. Sheldon B. Stewart was re-elected for District 1. Tricia Tingey was re-elected District 2. Wm. Brent Johnson was re-elected for District 5. The newly elected council members will begin their four year term on January 4, 2016.

All three council members expressed appreciation for the people in Riverton and excitement for a new term to continue to work with residents and the city. Each elected official responded to questions on how it feels to be re-elected, what they hope to continue and what they hope to do differently in their upcoming term.

Sheldon Stewart was the sole candidate for District 1. He finishes his first four-year term as a council member in January. 

“I was excited that people had confidence in me that I ran unopposed but still garnered the votes that I did,” Stewart said. 

He is a long-time resident of Riverton and considers himself a Riverton boy who attended Riverton Elementary.

“The one thing that I hope to continue to move forward is that we continue to find ways for residents to continue to participate in council meetings and to continue to develop technology that allows residents to interface with the city. When I started on the council, that technology wasn’t really there and I have really had to push for that to change,” Stewart said.

When asked what he hopes to continue in his second term, Stewart said, “The biggest thing is to continue to have open communication with the residents in my area. I also want to continue to progress the activity in the western area with Mountain View Place, particularly since the first phase is entirely in my district.”

Mountain View Place is Riverton’s future major commercial development with CenterCal Properties, LLC.

“I’m just really proud of the city that we live in and the things we’ve been able to accomplish as a city. I care a lot about the city,” Stewart added.

Tricia Tingey will begin her first official term on the council in January. She was appointed to the seat of her late husband, Roy Tingey, in July 2014. Tingey represents District 2.

“For me, the biggest concern that I have is with the western commercial development and Mountain View Place. I’m very excited to have the developer. His is very well known and comes with a great reputation, but it needs to be well done. There are always places for density but we have to be very cautious with what we put there. I don’t believe we need to pack it in, but develop it carefully and correctly,” Tingey said. 

Tingey also hopes that the exceptional parks and recreation programs will continue.

When asked what she hopes to do differently during her upcoming term, Tingey responded, “I’m hoping that, and I think this is already coming, but I would like to move all of us--the city and the politicians--to use and adopt social media and technology, like Facebook, so that our constituents can have up-to-date information from us.”

“I would just like to express my undying love for Riverton City. I think it is the best community. We chose this community because of the great reputation and the wonderful people we have. I think that’s what makes us unique is the people that are here,” Tingey added.

Brent Johnson was re-elected to represent District 5. Johnson has been a resident of Riverton for over 20 years. He has raised his children in Riverton and now he wants to give back to the community. During his second term, he hopes to maintain the balance between residential and retail growth. 

“I hope to keep that fine balance,” Johnson said. “I also hope to continue increasing a sense of community and community involvement in Riverton.”

When asked what he hopes to do differently during his upcoming term, Johnson said, “I hope to use the experience and the knowledge that I’ve gained in the last four years. I hope that the learning curve is over, and I want to act quicker and stronger on issues, projects, everything.” 

“I’m excited that people in my district supported me with such a strong voice; it made me feel confident in what I’ve been doing. A strong majority is in favor for what I’ve done and I’m more confident because they’re confident in me. It makes me more confident moving forward,” Johnson said.

The General Election was held Nov. 3. A Primary Election was not held. Canvas of official votes was Nov. 17 in the Riverton City Hall Council Chambers.