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Taylorsville High’s Girls Volleyball Battles Jordan High

Nov 10, 2015 03:27PM ● By Jessica Thompson

By Jessica Thompson 

Taylorsville - It was the fourth set, and Jordan High School’s girls volleyball team score for the match was two, with Taylorsville at one. Audience members were cheering with each new point made. Taylorsville teammates were screaming with pride every time their girls made a block or a crazy spike, and those watching were shocked at how this game was unfolding. 

The scoreboard read: Home 20, Guests 21. It had been that way the entire set. Taylorsville would earn a point, then Jordan, and vice versa. It was neck and neck until the very end. On a serve Jordan hit the net, making the score 24-23 for Taylorsville.  Then on the return, Jordan hit the ball out of bounds, making the final score for set number four 25-23, with Taylorsville tying up the game. 

“The highlight of the game for me was to see how hard our girls fought. They worked hard on defense and did a great job supporting each other,” Coach Clint Barnes said.  

 “We are like best friends off the court: we have always been super close to each other. It is nice to have friendships off the court because we know each other so well and we know each other’s tendencies,” middle blocker Katelyn Tolem said.  

With each point made, the team would cheer in excitement, and even each point made against them was met with high fives and encouraging pats on the back. 

“These girls have known and played with each other for a while, making them great teammates,” Barnes said. 

Taylorsville’s team worked so well together, but players Sara Paulson and Ginger Lei Wright stood out the most to Barnes.    

The final set of the match started out rough for Taylorsville. There were a lot of simple mistakes made, but they pulled it all together when they needed to most.  

“I thought we played very well. I think it was the best we have played all year. Now we just need to focus on the little aspects of the game,” Barnes said.

 They played hard, but in the end Jordan made some great blocks and dives and won the game 15-13, with the final score Jordan 3, Taylorsville 2. 

“This team is a great bunch of young ladies. I believe they truly care for one another, which is sometimes very hard to find in today’s society,” Barnes said.