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Lighting The Way In Draper

Nov 06, 2015 08:30AM ● By Chloe Bartlett

By Chloe Bartlett

Draper - Though Draper is best known for its strong sense of community, in recent years, it has also come to be viewed as a prime location for business. With more businesses lining 12300 South than ever, Draper City sees the need to amend an ordinance regarding the city’s use of electronic signage.

The intent of the amendment is to promote businesses effectively and appealingly by removing visual clutter that the city might encounter as more businesses look to promote their services and specials throughout the year. Many businesses currently use temporary signs to accomplish this, but some may prefer the polished look and flexibility the electronic signage offers. 

There may be concern that as new electronic signs begin popping up Draper’s aesthetic will be compromised, but the stringent standards introduced in the ordinance will prevent this from being the case. 

“Some of the criteria includes: they have to be colored; images only, no single-colored images; images must remain static for a minimum of eight seconds,” Keith Morey, community development director, said. 

Additionally, the signs will be limited to 12300 South, with the only exception being special designations that can be given to developments that reside on at least 3 acres, and within certain commercial zones. Any business that meets these added specifications will be allowed a single electron