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Youth Tour New City Hall Construction

Nov 05, 2015 02:41PM ● By Bryan Scott

The Youth City Council took a tour of the new city hall site on Oct. 15. Scott and Ann Bracken are the Cottonwood Heights Youth City Council advisors and Bryce Haderlie, the city’s new assistant manager, joined them. 

The Youth City Council geared up in neon yellow vests and hard hats before journeying into the dirt. Scott Bracken warned the members, “Don’t fall in the ducts!” The construction leader explained what his crew had been working on as Bracken led them through the site. The members learned how a dirt compressor works and why it’s important for dirt to be compressed. 

The members followed Bracken through the site as he explained where everything would be located. They walked through where the main plaza, offices, police department, armory and covered police parking will be. He took a moment to say, “Before anyone asks, we won’t have cells” in the police department.

The tour continued through the beginnings of the main entrance and multi-purpose room which “someone from the community could rent,” Bracken explained. They walked through the to-be offices of the city councilmen and the mayor. A question of the mayor’s office arose so Bracken explained, “Kelvyn’s never used an office, but mayors 50 or 60 years down the road may want to use one.” 

The walk through the dirt continued through to the to-be public works area, engineering office, break area, conference room, kitchen area, work meeting conference room, bathrooms and training rooms. 

Bracken finished the tour by telling the Youth City Council members attending Brighton High School to follow the striping for the crosswalks because there will be cars in the intersection in front of the city hall site at all times. He also warned that city hall parking would be available to residents, not for students who have not purchased a parking pass at school.