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Unique Setting for Ogden Photographers

Oct 08, 2015 03:35PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Adam Richie

There is a new energy downtown with small businesses looking to plant roots and thrive here, and that energy is spreading. Local buildings that once stood empty are now being revitalized with new businesses; one such building is the Ogden Postal Office. 

The Ogden Post Office building is a three-story sandstone building erected during the years 1904-1909 with an expansion added in 1930 on the west side. The unusual style of this beautiful building derives from the concepts of the Greek and Roman political influence making it a unique piece of architecture in Utah. The building has evolved in its uses over the decades. Currently, it hosts many financial service companies, law offices, tech companies and a few wellness care providers. The lower level has also had uses for wedding receptions and larger parties.       

One of the newest residents to enter the top floor family is The Ogden Click, a natural light and standard photography studio created by Stacey Larsen.  Larsen grew up in Ogden, graduated from Ogden High and still lived in Weber County not far from her childhood home.  As a teenager, she would spend her days in art and photography classes, writing in her free time.

Larsen never lost her desire to express herself creatively, and this creativity spilled over into her professional life as a hairstylist. Being a social person, she enjoyed being around others and learning their story. Her profession allowed her to have a little piece of both worlds. 

Needing a more steady source of income, she found herself working in an office setting.  Years passed, and she felt compelled to gain back her passion for creative photography. Larsen purchased a new camera and began shooting anything and everything she could. Stacey found herself being asked to capture the precious moments of her family, friends, newborns and bridals.  “Things were speaking to me. Locations and situations, I was doing what I was meant to do”  says Larsen. 

In the last five years, Stacey has focused her time learning and exploring her hobby. She has gained experience and refined her talent. Larsen soon realized this was her calling and began to look into making her hobby and business. It wasn’t long before she began building a large client base. 

A year ago, Larsen began looking for a space to open her studio. What followed was mounds of paperwork, but it didn’t slow her down. Larsen says she was never under the assumption this would be easy or thought that things would fall into place. She has put in the time, sweat and tears to make her dream a reality. Larsen renovated the studio herself often working into the early morning hours. 

The Ogden Click studio has an amazing feeling of openness. Brilliant bright light enters from all directions. Larsen’s professional attitude and the studios ambiance will undoubtedly comfort any timid client. 

Originally just for her personal use, The Ogden Click is also allowing hourly and weekly rentals to outside professionals giving photographers a foundation from which to operate, meet with clients, and sell their work.  Larsen also allows photographers access to professional services like hair and makeup for photo shoots and the use of various lighting, props, and backdrops. 

The Ogden Click also hosts workshops and classes on various techniques and styles of photography. Lighting, posing, and editing services to be offered in the future.  The Ogden Click also hosts parties “ I never intended to have this part of the business but it was really fun for the girls,’ Larsen said.  The party was equipped with a photo booth, and guests received full hair and nail treatment. The studio also offers a safe and secure option for stylized and boudoir sessions. 

To learns more about what The Ogden Click has to offer or to inquire about leasing space, you can stop by the studio at 298 24th Street or call Stacy Larsen at (801) 814-2062.