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Meet Utah’s Go-to Guy for Endurocross Events

Oct 08, 2015 03:26PM ● By Rhett Wilkinson

An Endurocross rider at Bryan Green’s Herriman event in 2013. Green has organized Endurocross functions throughout Utah and put one together Sept. 26 in West Jordan. Photo courtesy of City of Herriman

By Rhett Wilkinson

West Jordan - Bryan Green is Utah’s go-to guy for Endurocross events.

“It’s a fun way to interact with our potential clientele,” he said. “It makes owning the business bearable.”

Perhaps his honesty ranks as high as his ability to put on the dynamic, hybrid motorcycle competitions.

This is what Green wrote on LinkedIn, which has been accepted as a professional place, about his education experience in college:

“I left school in my last year to go ski in Austria. The Utah Ski Association sent me to represent Utah at a conference in Innsbrook for six days and I came home 36 days later. No regrets!”

Also on LinkedIn, Green describes himself as a “chief slave” for Edge Events. He also starts his bio with “OK, here is all the stuff I guess we all think we should say” before using business jargon to describe his experience and skills. Green owns Edge Powersports in Draper and has planned events for years.

Green has organized Endurocross events for four years in Herriman and three in Mesquite. He’s also brought them to Pleasant Grove, Eagle Mountain, Manti and Juab County and in July, to Evel Knievel Days – and in late September, to West Jordan. A cultural dynamic is figuring into these cities.

Endurocross has reached X Games Los Angeles and expanded into a national and world championship after expanding into many European cities. It is hybrid motorcycle competitions that take place in venues like basketball arenas. It mixes supercross trials and endure racing and are held indoors over obstacles, such as rocks, logs and more, resembling a trials track, but go much faster.

Green implemented a mega ramp as part of the Sept. 26 ThrillSeeker Stunt Run in West Jordan. He’d never done that before in the Salt Lake area – “the mega ramp is not for traditional participators, but for stuntmen to put on a pretty good show,” he said before the event. He also married motorized and non-motorized vehicles at West Jordan. Perhaps he was right when he told the City Journals “there is nothing like this stunt festival.” He couldn’t say that the riders would go without bruises.

Green said that the greatest challenge to these events is rounding up supplies.

Green began creating and managing events while still in high school in the late 1980s. In his hunt for a free ski pass, he produced ski and snowboard film premiers for Warren Miller Films, RAP, and TGR.  He helped raise many and distribution for Godfrey Films (Nitro Circus) and still helps with Bikes from the Edge Powersports. He has also produced, promoted or helped with events including Sundance Film Festival and The Utah Winter Games.

Green has worked with the Kurt Caselli Foundation, Rockwell and Nitro Circus. Edge Powersports is the sixth-largest KTM dealer in the nation. It can be found at and on Facebook at Learn about Green’s Endurocross series at