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Home Maintenance Made Easy

Oct 07, 2015 10:12AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Erin Dixon

Draper - We hear a ping from our phones when we get a “like”; we have groceries automatically delivered to our doors; and, even cars can be started from a distance. All of these things are automated. So why aren’t our home repairs?

Cort Keller asked himself this very question when he bought his first home in the early 1990s. Fall was coming and he knew he needed to update the furnace filter.

“I popped open the furnace door and found a strange looking filter inside. Off I went to a big box store to get a replacement,” Keller said.

They didn’t have one, but he finally found what he needed at a small business after a day of searching. He was so frustrated that by the next morning he had plans to start a business to “make home upkeep as easy as it possibly could be.” 

His ideas had been sleeping, but finally his life fell into the right place and gave him the opportunity to awaken his dream and move to Utah to begin his business.

Keller created HomeShape, an online service that allows subscribers to register as many home appliances as they want to maintain regularly. This allows customers to be notified when that maintenance is due. They will also help you find exactly what you need for your specific appliance.

Keller spent his 30-year career in the semiconductor industry, working for companies like AMD and Intel.  He brought his skills from the industry to Draper. He made the move to Salt Lake City, because of the software industry resources here and the homeowner demographic that is a perfect fit for what HomeShape has to offer.   λ

More details on HomeShape can be found at