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One Call is All it Takes to Reach South Jordan City

Oct 07, 2015 09:22AM ● By Bryan Scott

By James Luke

South Jordan residents now need to know just one phone number to reach any city department or service: 801-446-HELP (4357).  The new simplified access phone number is part of recent efforts to make city government more open, accessible and helpful to people who live and work in the city.

Whether it is a question regarding trash service or an inquiry about a utility bill, a desire to express concern about the condition of a city park or a comment on a recent city action, or even to report a pothole spotted in a city street, residents need only dial 801-446-4357 to reach a helpful human being who can answer the question or concern, or who will connect the caller to the person best suited to handle it.

City Communications Coordinator Tina Brown noted that “the information center the city has is unique.” Rather than robots taking the calls from residents with questions or concerns about city services, she explained, “we have six agents who take the calls.”

Some South Jordan residents may be unaware of the wide range of services and activities that the city has available for recreation, education and entertainment. From events at the Gale Center to making reservations at one of the city’s ball parks or other facilities, from information about costs and hours at the recreation center to details about where to take difficult trash like hazardous waste or e-waste, the city offers information, services, recreation and activities for the benefit of all.

Residents now need only make one call, to 801-446-4357, for direct and helpful information about events, hours, costs, services and more at the city’s cultural or recreational centers, or to be put in touch with the pros at Mulligan’s Golf & Games, or to reach the reservation desk at the city parks department, or to talk to city staff about business licensing or zoning questions, or for any of the other myriad of topics that South Jordan residents may need to discuss with their city officials.