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And Bingham’s Rival is...

Sep 14, 2015 03:15PM ● By Bryan Scott

Bingham’s halls are plastered with Miner Confidence.

By Kaleb Loftus

Condescending chants from the student section, a little more face paint and a few cheap hits are all a part of a rivalry game. 

“It feels almost like a state championship game in your thought process,” said Austin Bunkall, a Bingham alumnus who played football and wrestling in high school, was first team all-region for football and was a part of several state championships at the school. 

“The intensity you feel toward one another is a lot different compared to other games, regardless of ranking. It’s the past seasons that build a rivalry,” said Bunkall. 

It’s more than just skill and talent. Bingham is a state championship contender in every sport. And it has brought a constant rotation of rivals. The question arises then, “Who is Bingham’s biggest overall sports rival?” 

Bingham alumni, who have been graduated for a minimum of three years, were polled saying that Alta High School was Bingham’s biggest overall rival. Whereas when the same survey was given to current students and alumni within two years of being graduated, nearly all were polled to say that it was Brighton High School.

When Alta was split and pushed to 4A with the building of Corner Canyon High School, the rivalry split with it. It gave way as the schools rarely played one another and, even if they did, there could never be a Cinderella state championship game rematch with the two schools now in differing divisions of size.

 In just two short years, a once proud and hateful rivalry died. Brighton High School became the new rival as both schools began hitting each other head-on in many sports. 

Rivalries do many good things for sports, though, besides giving us all a reason to act crazier and to have a little less sportsmanship. 

“When you win it’s the confidence boost you need for the rest of the season. Otherwise it’s a huge disappointment and embarrassment. But it can be a huge moment and reason to fight back,” Bunkall said.

Rivalries pose a different kind of fun for the student sections as well doing even more than they usually do to help their team and pride out. Chants of “You suck!” or “Remember last year!” chime out from a never-sitting group of high schoolers. 

You can always ask if sometimes it’s taken too far, though. “I’ve heard of incidents where people will go and urinate and poop on the other team’s field. I know Riverton’s field has been peed on before, I’m pretty sure Alta’s as well,” Bunkall said, adding that he never participated in any type of thing. 

Fights, as well, characterize the rivalry game. “It’s a lot more heated. We’ve come very close to a real physical fight with one another that wasn’t a part of the game,” Bunkall said. 

It becomes a moment where you forget that the kid across from you has his own loving mother, and dreams to help the world. All you really see is the name on their jersey. And you hate that name on their jersey. 

With the regions changing every two years, the rivals will change with it. But, for now, at this day, Brighton High School and Bingham High School may have some games worth your attention. The students will mock, bets will be placed and the competition couldn’t get any better.