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Pass the Clipboard Please, Coach Peck

Sep 14, 2015 03:13PM ● By Bryan Scott

Coach John Lambourne will be leading Miners football this season.

By Kaleb Loftus

“It isn’t a takeover, it’s just a transition,” new Bingham High School head football coach, John Lambourne, said humbly about him taking the reigns for the team this year. Lambourne will replace Dave Peck as the new coach and the community shouldn’t have any worries. 

”We’re going to miss Coach Peck quite a bit but at the same time we have good coaches here still,” said Lambourne, who has the experience to back up his words. He has coached high school football for 31 years, coming into his 32nd season. This will be his 16th season with the Miners.  

This season, Lambourne will take the Miners into one of the toughest schedules in the state, and he’s confident. 

“We should perform pretty darn well. We have upwards of seven returning defensive players and three offensive linemen returning. We have a lot of guys with experience,” Lambourne said. 

The Miners have a historic chance to win the state championship for the third consecutive year this season. A feat, which accomplished, would ensure that Bingham would be remembered for their football dynasty. 

“Three-peat? That’s a difficult thing to do, but certainly it’s on our radar. We’re excited about that possibility,” Lambourne said.

 Lambourne doesn’t foresee anything too different for the team. “Things won’t change too much, we will still be as physical as we can be. We will be real strong defensively and in special teams. We run the ball, throw the ball, and we are balanced.” 

What makes Lambourne a great coach, and not just a good one, is his love for his players. “The kids aren’t going to play well if they aren’t being treated right. I hope I’m trusted. I care, and care means a lot of things. Care with kids, winning and doing things right.” 

Lambourne will continue to humbly do his thing on the sideline, which means that actions do most of the talking. 

“The play does the talking. It ultimately comes down to the team making the impression,” Lambourne said. 

The Miners look good overall for the upcoming season, with a new starting quarterback transferring from a school in Oklahoma and a new coach who are ready to make their imprint in history. This is a team definitely worth your Friday night to go watch, and when you do, there is one thing Lambourne wants you to look for. 

“The one thing we’re looking for is improvement. We want to be better than last year. And not just talent wise, but in the ways we do things. Mainly the details,” Lambourne said. With his philosophy and a steady flow of talent flowing into the community, Lambourne should do well.

The hard-hitting Miners will be tested at the beginning of the season as they open with a very good Westlake team, followed by Herriman, and then the baby toys get put away as the reigning No. 1 team in the nation, Bishop Gorman High School from Las Vegas, will roll into town. Regarding their first challengers, “that’s probably as tough a schedule to start the season as anyone has,” Lambourne said.

However, the Miners will be ready. Coming forward it will be fun to see Lambourne lead the Miners this season. “We’re attempting to be as disciplined as we can be but still being aggressive,” Lambourne said