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Taking Out the Trash: South Jordan Recycling Opportunities Expand

Sep 14, 2015 02:01PM ● By Bryan Scott

Residents can find paints, stains, fertilizers, household and yard chemicals and more, free of charge in the Re-Use Shed at the Trans-Jordan landfill

By James Luke

Some new additions to a few South Jordan city parks give residents easy options to drop off glass recycling. Three new collection sites accept all colors of glass jars and bottles in large bins located at South Jordan City Park, 10960 South Redwood Road, at the Shields Lane Jordan Parkway Trailhead, 947 Shields Lane, and at Soda Row in Daybreak, 4604 Daybreak Rim Way.  

Some glass collection bins in the past have required separation of colored glass from clear glass. The South Jordan collection locations, however, accept a single stream of all glass at the drop-off locations without requiring separation of colors.

For regular household trash and recycling other than glass, most South Jordan residents know the drill. When it is their assigned garbage collection day once a week, people routinely roll the large trash and recycling bins out to the curb for collection. For those households with unique trash disposal needs in the city, though, there are now some other options available to make hauling off the big and bulky trash a little bit easier.

For major garage, yard or neighborhood cleanup projects, the city offers a 15-yard container for rent. Upon reservation, the city will deliver the empty waste dumpster to the resident’s curb, where it is left for 24 hours. Residents and even neighborhood groups can fill the large bin with all sorts of oversized and bulky trash, yard waste and branches, old furniture and more – although no hazardous and e-waste is allowed.

South Jordan residents can also schedule a smaller trash pickup option at home by reserving a date with the city for collection of a 5 feet by 5 feet pile of household junk. Most appliances, old furniture, moving boxes and other large and bulky items may be placed at curbside for disposal. For the special collection services, the city adds a fee — $15 for the 5-by-5 curbside pile, $40 for the dumpster on weekdays or $80 on weekends or holidays — to the resident’s next utility bill.

Some types of junk are not permitted in the curbside and dumpster pickup programs, including household hazardous and electronic waste. Household hazardous waste includes paints, solvents, fertilizers and pesticides, oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze and even florescent light bulbs. E-waste takes the form of cell phones, computers (from desktops to laptops to tablets), as well as printers and batteries, all of which require special disposal and cannot be left for curbside pickup.

Since e-waste contains metals and toxics in the circuit boards and other parts of the electronic devices, it must be treated separately from the ordinary trash that goes to the landfill. Hazardous and e-waste generally must be dropped off at the Trans-Jordan Landfill, 10873 South 7200 West. Some community groups occasionally sponsor collection efforts for these types of waste. 

The Trans-Jordan Landfill accepts green waste such as leaves, lawn clippings and branches, for composting. Residents may also deposit leaves and green waste in bins located seasonally at each of the three glass recycling deposit locations, available from October through December, depending on weather conditions. 

South Jordan hosts an annual green waste drop-off event for Spring Clean Up in May at the City Park, 10960 South Redwood Road. Other disposal services are usually offered at the annual event as well, including document shredding and e-waste disposal. 

Another seasonally-available option South Jordan residents enjoy is the special Christmas tree pickup service. For a $10 fee added to the utility bill, residents can leave the tree near the curb for pickup, rather than delivering it to collection sites that are open seasonally for tree disposal.