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Taylorsville Dayzz Does It Again

Aug 10, 2015 11:49AM ● By Bryan Scott

We can’t forget the amazing view on top of the Ferris wheel.

By Jessica Thompson 

Taylorsville - There were 976 posts of Ferris wheels, funnel cakes and families all over Instagram after this year’s exciting events at Taylorsville Dayzz. For many, the carnival, concerts and firework extravaganza did not disappoint. A Taylorsville citizen who attended this event for the first time said, “Taylorsville Dayzz lived up to the hype and way exceeded my expectations.”  

The carnival included rides for the whole family. There was a carousel, a kiddie roller coaster and a train ride for the kids. But, the kids weren’t the only ones having fun, as teens and adults had plenty of crazy carnival rides full of twists and turns. A Taylorsville resident said, “I loved watching my little brother flip his carrier three times on the Zipper ride. My favorite was listening to him all night long talk about how he will never go on another roller coaster ride ever again.” There were plenty of arcade games, from darts to bean bags. Jared Cusworth, who won an adorable teddy bear for his girlfriend, said, “The games where I won prizes were my favorite part of the carnival.” 

 If you got hungry, there were food vendors at every turn. This year included a Cold Stone ice cream booth, a Korean BBQ food truck called CupBop and many food venders with items such as churros, Indian fry bread and kettle corn. 12-year-old Fielding Wilde, who attend the event with his family, said, “The butterscotch ice cream was the best!” Along with the food venders were many local residents with shopping booths. Many booths included handmade crocheted hats made by locals, swimming lessons, dog training and booths supporting local sports. 

Taylorsville Dayzz also had plenty of free entertainment, with tribute concerts of Billy Joel, Elton John and Elvis and Friends. The Utah Symphony with the Wasatch Cannoneers and the Taylorsville Orchestra also performed in the big amphitheater on separate nights.  Jim Dunnigan, Taylorsville Dayzz chairman, said, “Several thousand people enjoyed the Thursday kickoff event by listening to the Utah Symphony and cannons. I had forgotten how much I personally enjoy the cannons being fired in conjunction with the ‘1812 Overture.’ I stood at the end of the line of cannons and watched as, one by one, the cannons fired. It was a real blast!” 

Many people gathered around Valley Regional Park and local neighborhoods to see the grand thirty minute firework show. Vortex Fireworks has been responsible for the fireworks for fifteen years, and, besides a forty-five minute delay due to a power outage, the firework show lived up to expectations. Children watching were full of oohs and ahhs, saying the fireworks looked like little bugs, popcorn and rockets. Every little detail about Taylorsville Dayzz helped residents feel proud of their city and happy to be part of such a great community. Jaydynn Wilde, who came all the way from Provo to spend Taylorsville Dayzz with her family, said, “ I enjoyed that the carnival and other events gave me a great excuse to spend so much quality time with my family.”    

After the conclusion of the events, the Taylorsville Dayzz Facebook page read: “Taylorsville Dayzz 2015 is in the books! Thank you to the committee for their hundreds of hours they put in. Thank you to City of Fun carnival for the great rides. Thank you to the food vendors and craft vendors. Thank you to the amazing entertainment and thank you to Vortex Fireworks for another amazing show and your epic pyrotechnics! And finally! Thank you to all the thousands of people who came out this weekend to celebrate family, fun and our city! See you all the last weekend of June 2016.”