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Making Lawn Care a City Affair

Aug 10, 2015 11:11AM ● By Bryan Scott

Lawn Care

By Briana Kelley

South Valley - Riverton City Council will formally review the city’s landscape ordinance at their council meeting on August 18. 

The council began formal discussions to change the landscape ordinance at their council meeting on June 2. 

Changes to the ordinance could include clarifying and specifying what is and is not acceptable yard care. 

As part of the discussion on June 2, Planning Manager Jason Lethbridge presented pictures of various unsightly yards that are still technically in compliance with Riverton’s current ordinance. These pictures included overgrown weeds, un-mowed lawns and large dirt patches.

Riverton City resident Karol Haney attended the meeting to express her encouragement for changes. She currently resides in an area where some neighbors do not upkeep their yards.

 “I’m frustrated,” Haney said. “I would urge you to give some serious consideration to adopting some changes to our landscaping ordinance so that …we can put some meat into enforcement.”

Councilmember Trent Staggs has been a major proponent of looking into the current ordinance and making changes. According to Assistant City Manager Jeff Hawker, he has had meetings with city staff and been very engaged on this issue. “We should really take a hard look at some of the ordinances of these other cities and how we can craft them to make them enforceable as well as beautifying the areas,” Staggs said.

Other council members are in agreement and many voiced their concern that the city’s current ordinance is too vague. 

The council is looking at the ordinances of surrounding cities for direction and ideas. “It really comes down to the language,” Staggs said. “What I would like to see is language more like Herriman’s or South Jordan’s.”

“I would like to see some changes made so that we don’t become the next West Valley City,” Haney said.