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Empowering Self and Others: Become and Awakener

Uncover the secrets of empowerment. Whether you are a parent, a teacher or a Coach, you’ll find these skills give you the means to encourage and support others to higher levels helping them connect with their own personal power, clarity, focus and direction. When you change your communications from the directive ‘teacher’ model to the more inquisitive and curious ‘coaching’ model, you’ll find an expansiveness of thinking and relating to others that allows your conversations to take on deeper meaning and opens the window to inner wisdom. If you are seeking to empower those around you, whether at home or at work, you’ll find these skills enable you to reach greater clarity and depth and help others rise to a higher level of performance and independence. You’ll engage the art and magic of questions, both for yourself and for others. Learn the strategies to encourage and support others with insight and inner wisdom to allow for personal growth and evolution. You’ll learn valuable skills, strategies and perspectives that will gently guide you to your inner clarity and wisdom. Here’s some of the skills we’ll cover: · Focused Listening · Conversations that Heal · The Magic of Questions · Empowerment vs. Enabling · Getting Out of ‘Stuck’ · Wisdom Perspectives · Decision Strategies · Coaching Essentials Overview When you have the skills of empowerment, you help others grow and find their own abilities to propel them forward with insight and clarity. Pre-registration required, See details and register at: This course may be taken individually or as part of the NLP Coach Certification Course. The NLP Coach Certification course gives you the skills to accelerated personal growth and effectively help others overcome life’s challenges. Find your happier, healthier more vibrant life and help others do the same. NLP Coach Certification gives you the skills to create a meaningful career that you love while empowering others and making a difference in others’ lives. For more information about the NLP Coaching & Certification program visit

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December 1, 2015

6:00PM - 9:00PM

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$125, $150

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