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Whole Community Disaster Simulation

Be Prepared!!

You Are Invited! This game-style simulation will give you a first hand look at what you will realistically be facing following a major disaster. A live scenario to teach you about the many agencies and partners you will be working with during a disaster recovery. This “hands on” experiential based learning tool is the perfect opportunity to teach you, your family and neighbors the importance of personal and family preparedness. It’s fun! Exciting! Engaging and Entertaining! Little to no knowledge about disaster preparedness, response or recovery is needed for this simulation so it’s the perfect tool to introduce you to the wild and often hectic world of emergency response! Use the link below to register today! These events are only held by special arrangement so register today and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to truly be prepared. Prepare for tomorrow by preparing today! #DisasterSim TO REGISTER PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK

Date & Time

March 25, 2017

9:00AM - 12:30PM