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The City Journals


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7251 So. Plaza Center Dr. Suite 120
West Jordan, UT 84084

(801) 280-4099

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BECAUSE THEY'RE GOOD FOR YOU! Twice the Potassium as the Banana. Packed with Vitamin C. Great source of Protein. Folate-Rich. Low Calories, less than a Banana. Fat-Free and Gluten Free. Vitamin B6 and Thiamin, among others. Good source of Minerals. Strong Carbohydrate, and full of Energy. AND DELICIOUS TOO!

Todd Loertscher is the Todd in SpudToddos! He is a good’ol boy from Salt Lake City, who grew up spending summers moving pipe on his grandpa’s farm in Idaho. SpudToddos is here today as a culmination of his farm boy work ethic, 25 years in the restaurant industry and his twist on some of the most traditional American dishes. He truly is what SpudToddos is all about.